6 Cruise journeys to definitely board once in a lifetime


The magnificent ocean, the mesmerising sea sunsets, and the charm of high and low tides can capture anyone's attention. Every travel journey that we plan transforms us, motivates us and gives us a new perspective on life. Unlike any other travel mode, cruise ship travel is a lifetime experience where you are only surrounded by water and no land.

The charm of the ocean, the life beyond land, the scenic dust and dawn while embarking on the voyage is an adventure to not miss in a lifetime. The cruise journey while experiencing the top-notch hospitality and jaw-dropping destinations is truly a dream come true experience.

The ocean which symbolises strength and calmness can be your partner in finding your true self. I believe each journey is one step towards finding the true essence of your existence. The cruise voyage is nothing like a monotonous road or train travel, but a heavenly experience where the charming ocean takes you along.

With the hints of style and glamour here is a list of 6 cruise journeys you should board once in your lifetime:

1. Cordelia cruises Mumbai - Goa


One of the most amazing cruise journeys begins from Mumbai to Goa, where it reaches its destination within 3 days. You can experience the luxurious buffet both Indian and global, nightclubs and lounges on the cruise. The journey is a must recommend especially for Indians as it is a mesmerising experience where you get to meet a lot of people on board.
The journey commences from the Gateway of India, Mumbai and reaches Goa on the third day.

2. Vivada luxury cruise Sunderbans


Sundarbans National Park is The largest mangrove ecosystem in the world, Sunderbans, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the hub of the ‘Royal Bengal Tiger'. A four-day luxurious cruise voyage through the largest estuarine mangrove forest in the world will soothe your soul. It is truly a paradise for people who are nature lovers and want to experience a vacation in the arms of nature.

3. Costa Neo Classica Cruise, Mumbai to the Maldives


The Maldives just got a little bit closer! Renowned cruise operator Costa Crociere will begin operations from Mumbai to Male, Maldives starting in December 2016. Guests will call the Costa neoClassica, a classy cruise ship with 654 cabins including sea view cabins and suites with balconies, home for 7 nights/8 days as they sail the high seas. The cruise ship can accommodate up to 1,700 guests
From Mumbai, the cruise ship will sail via Mangalore and Cochin where guests will be able to take shore excursions. So get ready and get on board this luxury cruise of your dreams!.

4. Oberoi motor vessel Vrinda Kerala backwaters


Also known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, Kochi is one of the finest natural harbours in the world. The serene experience unique to this part of India – courtesy of its picturesque lakes, soothing greenery and an ecosystem vibrant with aquatic, plant and bird life – makes it an ideal getaway, especially for those looking to be far from the madding city crowd. But just when you thought a tryst with nature couldn’t get more surreal, the Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda, Kerala, ups the anté. Located about 80 km from the Cochin International Airport.
The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda, Kerala, is an exclusive motor vessel that comes with eight deluxe cabins, luxurious and elegantly decorated, complete with every facility to make your stay not just memorable, but utterly unforgettable.

5. M.V. Mahabahuu Assam to Kolkata


MV Mahabaahu -- owned and operated by the Indian company Adventure Resorts & Cruises Pvt. Ltd. but sold through agencies like Far Horizon Tours -- is the largest and newest riverboat offering cruises along the Brahmaputra River, which winds its way through the verdant 'tea country' of Assam, in the northeast of India.This is a new cruising sector of Indo-Bangladesh. Enjoy the transboundary landscape of lower Assam—Bangladesh—and the southern part of West Bengal an ‘off the beaten path; a fresh experience on the deliciously lush landscape of multiple hues of greens where more than 700 rivers braid through the country.

6. Jalesh cruise Mumbai to Lakshadweep


Exhibiting the panoramic sceneries of the Arabian Sea, this Jalesh Cruise Mumbai to Lakshadweep will let you enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime kind of trip. From Mumbai to the high seas, the high seas to Lakshadweep and finally to Goa, this cruise tour will take you through various scenic routes on which you will undoubtedly have a carnival time. Your trip of Jalesh Cruise Mumbai to Lakshadweep will begin with boarding the cruise to undergo a Muster drill. Once you have settled in, the trip will kickstart and will take you toward the beautiful panoramas of the high seas.

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