6 Horrible mistakes which can turn your journey unpleasant and how to avoid them


Travelling is just not roaming around the corners and making the most out of them. It is a recipe for planning and organizing things in such a way that you can make the best out of your trip. Well, mistakes are common and we humans tend to commit a lot of them but letting the mistakes define our travelling will make it ugly and regretful.

To avoid mistakes, a few sets of rules and better planning can be your life saviour. Travelling can be one of the most beautiful experiences which not only can soothe your soul but allow you some time to rejuvenate. To make your vacations amazing, we have a list of 7 mistakes which are common and how to avoid them.

1.Not enough planning


Many people avoid planning or miss out on planning a detailed itinerary. It is essential to plan out your stays and hotels along with the place you will cover.
The best idea is to book everything well in advance to avoid any hustle and bustle at the last moment. It will save you in terms of finances, time and chaos which can make your once-in-a-lifetime experience a disastrous event.

2.Over packing stuff


There is nothing worse than lugging around a huge suitcase or backpack filled with useless items. The best rule of thumb is to cut what we need in half and then scale down from there.
We find that when travelling, we often wear the same clothes. We don’t need a lot. Jeans and t-shirts can be worn more than once without having to wash them.
Be efficient – remember that you look good while travelling because you’re happy, not because of what you’re wearing.

3. Travelling during peak season


This mistake can be disastrous as travelling during the peak season is equivalent to loads of traffic, chaos, crowded public places and tourist spots, overpriced items and hotels and even taxis.
The best time to travel anywhere is during the non-peak season to make the most out of your journey.

4. High expectations out of your travel city


Well, you cannot cover each and every destination and make the most out of your journey without getting tired. You cannot cover every nook and corner of a place in a short span of time. The best way is to make the most out of the less and enjoy your moments as much as possible. Give time to yourself and rejuvenate rather than running from one place to another.

5. Dehydration or over alcohol


Not drinking enough water or drinking too much alcohol can make your trip ugly. Alcohol can get the best of you by making you sick in the stomach and not allowing you to enjoy. A small quantity of alcohol, whilst keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day can be a useful trick to beat the disastrous events which can be caused by excessive consumption of alcohol.

6. Not checking the weather


Isn’t it just terrible that you are at your destination and it’s raining heavily without a stop? This could very easily ruin your entire trip by not allowing you to explore all the places on your itinerary. A simple Google search about the weather forecast can help you avoid this travel mistake.

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