Tips for travelling during the rainy season


Travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. There is a different feel in sidelining your daily routine and exploring the mesmerizing beauty of a beautiful unknown location. And, if you’re going in monsoon season, you get the opportunity to witness the raw beauty of the destinations. This magical time of the year offers a visual overload that will leave you awestruck and make your trip even more delightful.
However, travelling in monsoon season without any prior preparation can be a daunting task. From being one of the best trips, it could turn into one of the worst experiences you have ever had.

So, here is a list of tips that you should keep in mind while travelling to your dream destination during monsoon.

1. Keep an eye on the weather forecast


While travelling during monsoon season, you should check the weather forecast of the location 3-5 days prior you leave for your destination. Even after reaching the destination, keep in mind to check the forecast for the location that you’re going to to be prepared for the kind of weather you might encounter.

2. Don’t forget to carry waterproof footwear


You don't want your feet to be drenched by rainwater while you’re travelling. Make sure you carry waterproof footwear that can enable you to walk hassle-free and provide comfort all along the way.

3. Avoid street food


Monsoon brings the risk of waterborne diseases along with it and food is one of the most important aspects that every traveller should be careful about. You should try to avoid street food because it can be unhygienic as they are highly prone to get contaminated during this season.

4. Make sure to carry extra clothes


You must remember to carry an extra pair of clothing while you’re on your journey during monsoon so that even if you get wet while travelling, you can always switch to the other pair to avoid getting sick on your trip.

5. Carry waterproof bags


While on your journey during the monsoon, you must remember to carry waterproof bags with you to protect your essentials from getting wet. It will even help you to protect your gadgets and store your clothes as well if you get wet while travelling.

6. Avoid drinking water from unreliable sources


Always remember to carry a water bottle with you while you travel during monsoon season as drinking water from any unreliable source such as public water drinking amenities as it is prone to get contaminated during this season.

7. Carry mosquito repellent and medicines with you


Monsoon season is loved not only by humans but also by mosquitos, make sure you carry mosquito repellent with you to protect yourself from getting bitten and acquiring any infection due to mosquito bites.

8. Carry ultra-light raincoats


You must always keep in mind to carry a raincoat with you to avoid getting drenched in rain while on your way to your dream destination. Carrying an ultra-light raincoat can help you protect yourself from getting wet and coming in contact with any diseases on your trip.

9. Keep a waterproof plastic ziplock with you for your mobile phones


Protecting your devices can be a difficult task when you’re stuck during rain. You should remember to keep a waterproof ziplock plastic with you to protect your devices such as mobile phones getting drenched in rain.

10. Choose synthetic clothing over cotton ones


While travelling during monsoon season, you should try and pack the fabric that favours this season i.e. the fabric that is breathable and easy to pack is the one that is preferable for a comprehensive journey during this season. Because of being lightweight, they also tend to dry in a comparatively shorter period.

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