6 best destinations to experience Kayaking around the world

best destinations

It is said that if you want to experience the world, waterways are the best way to do so. Kayaking is one of the most inexpensive yet wonderful ways to experience the waterways of the world and satiate your desire for adventure.

Kayaking adventure sports unlike any other have a lot in store. It is one of the most wonderful ways to explore the unexplored, experience the serene beauty of the shores and a unique way to experience the wonders of the world.

There are different types of kayaking like recreational kayaking, sea kayaking, white water kayaking, kayak surfing and kayak fishing.

Here are 6 best places around the world to experience the adventures of Kayaking:

1. Baja Peninsula, Mexico


If you are a wildlife and animal lover, this is a must-place to visit for kayaking. Known for its wildlife adventure, the Baja Peninsula in Mexico has garnered a reputation as an outstanding wildlife-watching destination and was famously referred to by Jacques Cousteau as the “world’s aquarium".
Spend your days slowly paddling between Baja’s beautiful beaches while enjoying unparalleled views of its red rock canyons and dramatic ridges.

2. Glacier Bay, USA


How wonderful is it to adventure in the waterways of a UNESCO World Heritage site? You cannot miss the most beautiful yet magnificent glaciers here.
You will pass through the Kenai Fjords National Park which is an area of natural beauty that’s best explored by kayak. It’s named after its glacial-carved fjords that are blanketed in forests and provide a rich habitat for moose, brown and black bears.

3. Dalmatian Coast, Croatia


The Dalmatian Coast, which hugs the Adriatic Sea from the island of Rab to the Bay of Kotor, is Croatia's tourism crowning achievement. It has beautiful islands that are frequented by opulent yachts, as well as UNESCO-listed cities like Dubrovnik and Split.

4. Corsica, France


Corsica has a unique attraction with its jagged peaks sticking out from the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Particularly in and around the Reserve Naturelle de Scandola, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a spectacular kayaking destination with its secret coves, dazzling bays, and sun-drenched beaches. The majority of kayaking excursions in Corsica involve short walks to historic fortresses and traditional towns on the island, which provide intriguing insights into the distinctive customs, cultures, and cuisine of the area.



Famed for its towering sea cliffs carved by narrow valleys, the Na Pali Coast is a protected wilderness area in the northwest of Kauai.
It has some massive cliffs tower over the clear sea waters, providing an intense view of the wonders of nature as you take on the coast. A day-long activity is enough to experience this coast of Hawaii.

6. Haida Gwaii, Canada


Haida Gwaii, also known as the Queen Charlotte Islands, is an archipelago of diverse species off the coast of British Columbia that has a long First Nations heritage. The Haida people have lived on its heavily forested islands for around 13,000 years and are known by the Haida people, with centuries-old totem poles testament to their long-established culture.
It is a beautiful place to experience the exceptional seabird sighting and bonfires at the midnight by the side of the wildlife base camp.