How To Choose A Vacation Beach Vs. Mountain

Beach Vs. Mountain

The wilderness of ocean or calmness or mountain? Mystery of sea or nature of valley? The choice differs from person to person the constant thing is to witness a wonderful vacation and come back with piles of happy memories.

Given that shore life is cheerful, beach people are enthusiastic and highly energetic in their daily lives. Whereas people who love mountain vacations are more balanced travelers who cherish being around nature.

They acknowledge living in the moment and dealing with one thing at a time. To classify yourself whether beach person or mountain person, some of the key points are:

High On Energy Or Calmness


Research has found, beach person is energetic and upbeat. Whereas a mountain person is calm, balanced, and loves nature.

Extrovert Vs Introvert

A research carried out at the University of Virginia has discovered that being an extrovert or an introvert has an association with the geographical location of their choice of destination as well.

Based on 613,000 personality analyses, the reports imply extroverts are the beach people who are more prone towards the hip and happening beach life.

Introverts are the mountain folk who choose the peace of mountains and natural environment where they can just be themselves.

Social Vs Self Centered

As far as the virtual world is related, we observed a beach individual be more of a social butterfly. Clicking photos now and then, sharing them across all social media outlets, and getting stuck to the phone are more likely to be the traits of a beach person.

On the opposite, a mountain person wouldn’t mind dumping the virtual world to get attached to the real world around them. Trying their best to stay absent from people’s focus, and shying away from the camera is the person who prefers to be a mountain monk with a beach or mountains.

Mountain Vs Beaches

  • Mountains have chilly weather and have an inhospitable environment. Beaches have hot sunshine and a cool sea.
  • Mountains are with shady lights with the dark sky. Beaches have bright sunshine and a lightened environment.
  • Mountains do not have many lodging options. There is also the problem of food. Beaches have a good lodging system and food availability is good.
  • Mountains have fresh and dry hair which makes you feel fresh. Beaches have humid air.
  • In mountain ranges, we hear long sounds of wind that flows through the rocks. On beaches, we hear the sounds of waves when they glide and fall in the sea.
  • In Mountains, we may encounter wild animals which can be dangerous. On beaches, we may often encounter wild parties.
  • In mountains, you'll find terrains and hiking places. On beaches, there are flat surfaces.
  • The mountain vacation is more engrossing as it involves climbing mountains and hence requires more endurance and strength besides determination. Beaches are less energy consuming, as it involves sunbathing and basking lying on the sand.
  • Mountains are not crowded as it takes more effort to climb the mountains. Beaches are crowded, as there are no efforts required.
  • In mountains, peoples will experience long views of forest and vegetation. On beaches, people will experience a wide view of the water.
  • Hiking, snowboarding, skiing, and mountain biking are some sports that can be held in the mountains. Playing volleyball and water sports like water bike riding is sports that can be played on the beaches.
  • In mountains, you get to see wildlife which you won't be able to see in day-to-day life. Beaches have little wildlife if they have any because of many people they do not come out.

Advantages Of A Beach Vacation


There is nothing quite like the scenery of clear blue waters splashing along a long, golden sandy beach to make us feel wonderful. It also relaxes and makes you feel calm. Sunlight on the beach improves our levels of serotonin, which improves our mood and makes us feel happier. Sunlight also gives vitamin C. Inhaling sea air also reduces our allergies and respiratory problems.

Disadvantages Of A Beach Vacation

Beaches are crowded, they don't let you have a peaceful vacation. The humid air increases the temperature. Swimming in the ocean or sea is dangerous as it may have creators which are harmful to people. Many times because of high tides people get trapped in the waves and are carried away by the sea.

Advantages Of Vacation In The Mountains


The high altitude of mountains reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Because of reduced oxygen level, it created a new pathway in blood vessels for the flow of blood. Being up in the mountains allows your lungs to breathe in oxygen that is free of gasses or air pollution.

Mountains can be beneficial for finding inner peace. Tress like lavender, are good for solving sleeping problems and also helps as an anti-depressing agent. Going to the mountains helps you bring family and friends together. Fearing heights, roaming in the valley, and enjoying scenes together creates a genre way of laugh and form fresh memories which stronger the bond.

Disadvantages Of Vacation In Mountains

Going on vacation in mountains isolated you from the outer world. In case of emergency, the cities are far away which may lead to serious problems. Communication with people might be a problem. In snowy mountains, there can be heavy snowfall and get you stuck. Mountains can experience landslides which may be dangerous if you are on trails.

Many wild animals are prowling in the mountains which, when faced, can be very dangerous to live. Weather in the mountains can be harsh because of strong winds. There are possibilities of getting lost in the forest and not homing. Because of slopes and the valleys traveling becomes an issue. Hiking for people suffering from breathing problems can be very dangerous to health and lead to some serious problems which can't be solved due to lack of facilities.