How To Create The Travel Checklist


Somehow I've got a tendency to travel more than most and I blame it on me not sticking to the rules. I won't say that I've never purchased a ticket that's too expensive for my finances or missed a hotel or attraction by hours or even days, but I know when I've overshot the top end of my time limits. When it comes to choosing my destination, sometimes the lure of something beautiful or a historic landmark wins out. That being said, there's no excuse for booking a ticket for an airline that's significantly more expensive than its competitors or arriving at your hotel room to find out it's not quite up to scratch. If you really want to visit the amazing places you've read about or dream of going, you should have your mind set on it. Don't let indecision get in the way.

Use A Travel App


First up, there's no shame in using a travel app to find the cheapest price. However, it's important to make sure that you are booking through a legit travel agent. Certain travel apps may say it's not their fault if you miss out because they are providing you with tickets for sale from other airlines but you are paying for a service they are providing. It's a form of theft. When you buy a flight from an airline you are effectively paying them a commission, meaning they make more money out of you and end up skimping on your experience. Booking from an actual travel agent can be a good option for those with complicated and complex preferences. They can ensure you get the service and amenities you want and a guaranteed date for your flight.

Call Your Colleagues

Your coworkers can also be a great resource when it comes to booking your travels. Not only will they be able to help you book the cheapest flight, but they may also have a great recommendation for a great hotel, restaurant, attraction or city.

Dress For Success


While I would suggest you look for the cheap option, sometimes an all-inclusive resort is worth it. They tend to offer great value, amazing food and drink, an array of activities and lots of downtime to enjoy all of the exciting things that a destination has to offer. You'll also enjoy the hospitality you receive from the staff, and will have all your bases covered should something go wrong.

Book Your Hotel

Booking hotels on a review site such as Trip Advisor can give you an idea of what the place is like before you book. You can see photos, read reviews and get travel advice from other travelers. From hotels to cruise lines to safaris to boat trips, a review on TripAdvisor is worth its weight in gold. You can check out reviews from other people or also read a few reviews yourself and find a few hidden gems in your favorite destination.

Ask A Friend

Possibly the best and cheapest way to save money when traveling is by talking to your friends and family about where you want to go. Everyone has a friend or family member that has traveled abroad so you can ask them for a recommendation. They will be able to help you book a hotel, find you a cheap meal and even recommend a great city in your chosen destination. No one wants to waste money on a bad experience, so remember to ask before you book.

Pack Luggage Wisely


I don't mean make sure you know the dimensions of your suitcase. You don't have to get a certain airline or package holiday provider, and it won't make a lot of difference to your holiday. What you need to know is to make sure your suitcase is easy to lift and heavy enough to get you through the airport without any problems..

Pay The Fee

Even if you don't like paying the fees, you're probably going to be hit with them when you book your holiday. The amount you have to pay is usually set by your destination. Don't pay more than the minimum because you won't be able to recoup the fee if your luggage is delayed. You should also keep a record of how much you paid for every item of luggage that you travel with. You can then pay for any additional baggage if you have to, to avoid any hiccups.

Pack A Platter

Although you may need to buy travel brochures and do some research, I guarantee you'll always find a way to find a bargain. A great place to start is by packing a platter for a picnic. Many travel websites and accommodation providers offer deals on large-format picnic platters or baskets. You can buy a selection of delicious snacks, from pitta to sandwiches, which you can take on holiday to enjoy wherever you want. It makes a fantastic and budget-friendly way to explore new places.

Check Airline Registrations

If you are lucky enough to travel with a popular airline, you may not have to worry too much about flights or even the safety of your plane. However, if you do decide to fly with a less popular airline, it's important to check the airline's guidelines and make sure you follow their rules on cabin luggage. Ensure that you check what you can and cannot bring on board, and that your bags are either under, above or in the cabin.


A great holiday can really make you feel refreshed and revitalized. Whether you're looking to celebrate or recover from a serious illness or disaster, or just a long period of stress and stress, a few days of rest and relaxation can be just what you need. A holiday is also an excellent opportunity to explore new places and make new friends.

However, if you want to see the best that a destination has to offer, you're going to need to spend some money to get there. You can save some money by planning your trip, making it an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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