Tips For First Time Bungee Jumpers


Bungee jumping, also known as bungee jumping, a sport or recreational activity in which people have to jump from a hill, and platforms, depending on the facility, held in place with the appropriate equipment, often with a highly flexible cable to ensure the safety. This is not just an adventure, it is a sport. It belongs to the category of extreme adventure. So, if you're able to overcome your fear of falling from a height, you can show off your devilish personality to your friends. The bungee jumping experience, bungy jumping is not suitable for everyone. To perform this exercise requires great courage and bravery. Even though you are fully aware of the fact that a harness has been set up, and all of the components of the system are on the site, there will always be slight variations, before jumping in, and that's understandable. This is a strong leap of faith.


When you finally use that faith and jump down, it's an exhilarating feeling. It's the feeling of freedom, happiness, weightlessness.

Be Confident

One of the biggest challenges faced by the new Bungy jumper for the first time is getting their minds off the fact that they are about to jump from a perfectly secure tower. It's not a natural thing to do, and, there will be nervousness in their mind. Jumpers first need to embrace this feeling, Be Confident and, know that they can do this. Prepare for a long adrenaline rush.

In a bungee jump, the adrenaline is usually very long but you also don't need to panic as it is very. It is safe and a guarantee that if you think positively, you will surely enjoy it.

Clear Your Mind

The human mind is a complex organ and will react with fear when its future is unknown. You have never jumped off the platform before, so your brain projects bad and negative results. You need to Clear Your Mind and erase that little word in your head. By doing so, you can enjoy the moment rather than worrying about what the future holds. This works great for bungee jumping and will prepare you for the first time.

Be Emotionally Prepared

Trying this exercise can make you feel nervous. There is nothing wrong with that. It's a natural feeling. However, you should prepare yourself for the emotional aspect of the activity. You can also train yourself to be more confident in doing dangerous things. Otherwise, if you want to do it now, you may not have the opportunity to do it at all. You should have to give it a try. Some people who had completed bungy jumping decided to try it again. There is a unique feeling that comes with trying stunts.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

You should wear comfortable clothes before you start jumping. You can wear shirts, shorts or trousers. As long as you don't wear a skirt or dress, that's good enough. Some people prefer to jump without shoes. You can jump barefoot, but if you choose to jump with shoes, make sure they are fit and tightly secure in your foot otherwise they might fall.

It is also recommended that you should wear thick clothes during bungee jumping as you will feel the cool and cold air during the jump. and thick clothes did not fly and cover your face while jumping.

Don't Look Down

Always look straight, do not look down. Looking down can make your fears even worse. It will be difficult not to be tempted to look down, but if you are really scared, don't do it. Once you step on the platform, you will find many opportunities to take a look, so just postpone it until then. Either close your eyes or just look at eye level and make a jump. Keep your eyes in something static. You may be looking at a point on the horizon, or if you are going backward, turn your eyes and look, bungee instructor.

Trust The Jump Instructors


Jump instructors go through a complex, long, in-depth international training program to become qualified instructors. You can trust them with your life. Just stay positive and trust them. They will take care of everything for you as checking the rope tightening the harness etc.

Do Breathing Exercise

As you approach the edge of the jumping platform, use some gentle breathing exercises. This will help you reduce anxiety, panic and, stress. If you are very nervous, start breathing exercises 10 minutes before jumping. This will better prepare you for a bungee jump and will help calm the nervousness.

  • Breathe deeply into your abdomen with long and slow inhales.
  • Inhale from your nose and exhale from your mouth.
  • For each inhale, count from 1 to 5.
  • Do not take a break or keep your breathing under control, but exhale by counting 1 to 5 again.
  • Repeat calm breathing for three to five minutes.

Bring Someone You Trust

Going through this process alone can be challenging. While jumping you need to have someone to be there while jumping to encourage you. Bringing in a partner will help you feel more confident. Your friend may feel the same way. You can be there for each other until you face a challenge.

Don't Expect To Have A Smooth Jump

One thing you should have in mind is that bungee jumping is well-known for its difficult but fun ride so if you think you will have a smooth jump then you are wrong.

Set your mindset properly.

Don't Worry About The First Bounce

The first bungee jump is always very scary but you don't need to panic as it's normal.

Double Check The Rope

It is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your safety during the jump. You should double-check the cord.

Wear Good Quality Gloves


Before bungee jumping, it is also mandatory to wear thin and comfortable gloves to protect your hands while jumping from the platform.

Avoid Carrying Your Valuables

You are not permitted to carry a cell phone, camera, jewelry, or anything else. Therefore don't carry them when jumping. As while you jump from the platform there is a risk of loss of valuable things.

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